Dreams Do Come True ..


My day at Kat-Katha began, at around 9 am, when I requested Nimish to show some of the photos he had clicked recently over the computer, as then I would have some rough idea to how exactly he has to get molded in order be a better photographer. The photos surely were appealing but all they needed was a little brushing up & so, we decided to head to Jama Masjid for a photowalk.

9.30 am, as we set off towards the monument, I snapped a moment to ask on our way about how does he feel while clicking & when picture turns out good? The glimpse of that smile that drew on his face, when he told how good he feels, was more than enough for me to get the vibes that he surely enjoys clicking.
He intently listened to all the little techniques I told him about photography. Within 15 mins. of walk, we were there & I asked him to click whatever that looks good according to him & so he did. Beginning with the main building of Jama Masjid itself, all I did was just told him which angle would be the best & he was his own master afterwards.

Once I told him how one can use something as a frame of a subject & how to look for patterns, he himself started seeking for them & showed me the frames & patterns which even my eyes gave miss. He has the strength, patience and the passion to reach for the stars. As dreaming ties all the mankind together, I could see the universe making his dream fall in place.

In an hour we decided to wind up, as the sun started scorching bad. At the end I couldn’t be happier enough to see that satisfied smile on his face, a smile of
an achievement, a smile that was sending a vibe that he was dreaming, dreaming of doing in life something that would make him always Happy !


‘All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them’ – Walt Disney

Hardik Gaurav


About Kat-Katha

In the year 2013, the seed of an unusual idea, took shape in the unlikeliest of places in India. Registered under the Societies Registration act 1860, Kat-Katha was born on the streets of G B Road, the largest red-light area in the National capital region. Looking back today, in a short span of over five years, Kat-Katha has transformed the lives of several women professional sex workers on GB road. Since its inception, Kat-Katha has been guided by the vision of ending ‘Forced Sex work’. Founded and shaped by experienced, passionate and professional social agents, Kat-Katha has today established itself as an organization synonymous with trust, respect and deliverability among its diverse stakeholders. Over the years, the efforts by Kat-Katha have been recognized at several prestigious forums including L’oreal Paris Femina Women Awards, Times Now Amazing Indian Award, Zee TV Fempowerment, Mahindra Rise Award, and so on. Kat-Katha began the transformation process with a four pronged approach called RISE (Rights, Integration, Skills, and Education). With time, as the organization matured, Kat-Katha discovered a vision cycle comprising four phases; Field Research and Relationship Building to strengthen the roots on GB Road, establishing the Bridge school at GB Road to bridge the gap to freedom, Empower Projects to enable the women and children to lead a powerful life of their own choice, and finally, Freedom from forced ‘sex work’. Kat-Katha is on a journey to accomplish the Freedom for women and children by achieving the goals in first three phases.

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