Togetherness in trust


When Sulekha Didi( name changed)  first came to my center, i remember she was not very convinced with my idea. She said that nobody is going to come, and even if 2-3 ladies will come, they will also stop after 2-3 weeks. And then during our conversation, she somewhere mentioned “Madam ko to bahut paise mil rahe honge, isliye to ye sab mehnat kar rhi hai”.  That time though I didn’t reply but another didi said “arey nahi madam hamare kehne se aa rhi hai, inki naukri to agra mein hai”. But yes Suman Didi was not convinced.

After that day she didn’t come for around 2 weeks, and then herself started coming, I don’t know what motivated her.  She started coming regularly and used to stay at the learning home more than any other didi.  I somewhere felt that may be now she trust me and my initiative. But I was proved wrong.

One night at around 11 PM, I got a call from one of the didi’s, she was crying on phone and asked me to come to their brothel, she shared that NGO people along with Police men have come to their brothel and now taking their friends with them.  She was crying while sharing, as that was the first raid after my intervention, so I had no idea what to do in such situation.  Still, I told didi to not to worry and wait for me, and as promised i reached there, i found Sulekha  Didi sitting outside the police station, she asked me to go and see, if the girls of their brothels are safe, they wanted me to go and interact with them. Somehow I went there and met SHO, he was shocked to know that I got a call from brothel, both of us were strangers to each other, he asked me (in a blaming tone) that I am advocating on part of the ladies but then I explained him about our project and then he understood.

– Gitanjali Babbar


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