Stringing relationships with dance and art


“Bawara man dekhne laga ek sapna…”

These lines always used to strike through my mind whenever I used to visit  Kat-Katha, a place with dreams, where anything and everything was possible, be it the bacha’s or the volunteers. I always used to feel that there is a relation between this song, Kat-Katha and meJ

I clearly remember my first visit to Kat-Katha when I sang this song, all the kids who were busy in shouting, playing sat quietly just to hear me singing and trust me, it felt amazing, the feeling that the ,so called restless kids are listening with immense patience, was indeed beautiful and when I finished the song one of the student came to me and sweetly said, “didi can I also sing like this, and when I said ofcourse, then his next request was to teach him the same… WOW! I said to myself and without giving a second thought I nodded my head and said yes”J . That time I promised myself to come on regular basis and teach and learn music with these amazing group of youngsters (though we all call them bacha’s) and I shared this with Kat-Katha’s team, and they were more than happy to have me, this again made me felt beautiful.

So like this my journey with Kat-Katha started, one song has given birth to new relations.

And I started coming on regular basis, sometimes with my music band and sometime alone as started loving this place and vice versa. In the beginning it was very challenging to come closer to kids, though they always made me feel very comfortable but somewhere I wanted it at deeper level. Finally, I shared with Kat’s team that I want to join Kat-Katha on full time basis and they were also equally happy.  So from a volunteer to a full time music teacher, the journey has been great.

When I started coming on regular basis, the older members of the group asked me to also visit Brothels and see if we can plan Music classes in the brothels, I felt as if they have stolen my words as I was also feeling the same and this was like a dream come true. They shared that in some of the brothels Dance, Music is traditional and they might love to have a musical evening, that was it, I knew that of our bacha was from that brothel, so I started visiting his home with him and after 2-3 visits, spoke to them about having musical evening. To my surprise, the didi’s said yes and they were very excited which in turn added to my  excitement. So we decided a day and shared it with everyone, I even invited all my band friends. Everything was so perfect, we went to buy diya’s and flowers for decoration, and while going back home, I just thought of last time meeting the didi’s and updating them about the musical evening. It was already late, when I reached upstairs, I found all the women were busy in either getting ready or some of them were already waiting to perform. I went inside and met the owner, I was very excited and so was Ritu but without even listening, she simply said “kal mat aana, main hoon nahi” we knew that its just an excuse so we tried to know the reason, and finally all this ended into having our musical night then and there, as our other team members also joined and didi’s asked us to dance. So in the end all of us, didi’s, Kat-Katha’s team members started dancing, singing.

That day I realized how challenging it is to build that relation of trust in any brothel, may be I felt that its very easy to build the rapport here. But I was not completely wrong, as today, I go to the same brothel 3 days a week to give them music classes. So this is not only a transformation journey for me but also for people linked to it.

So now 3 days a week, I go to brothel to practice music with didi’s and my cute bacha’s take the music classes everyday for half and hour and a special music class, every Saturday where these days they are writing a song for Kat-Katha.

Would definitely share the song with everyone.  But before that I also want to share that “Aaj main apne aap ko bahut lucky manti hu,  ki I got this opportunity to be in Kat Katha.. mujhe pura vishvaas hai ki main in bachcho or didiyon ki  aur ye meri life me pyaar, music aur dance ke rang bhar denge..



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