A Simple Story of a complex world..


While on our visit to one of the brothels, we encountered a girl with beautiful eyes, hiding behind

 her a heart touching story.  The most special thing that she shared with glow on her face was that,

she is blessed with dancing and singing abilities. Her love for dancing and singing was pretty evident

and one could see the passion in her eyes, as her eyes sparkled when she discussed how well she

could sing and dance. She with her earnest interest, kept on explaining the specifications of dance

and music and that she had been appreciated many times by her audience. It was awesome to see

her leaping with joy when she boasted of knowing the technicalities of these arts. We were happy

with the fact that within the much criminalised world of GB road, we could meet a girl who glows

when she talks about her interest. But as life is unfair and not everything is hunky dory, her story

The lovely girl also sadly admitted that she hardly takes time out to pursue her passion as she seems

to find no use of it. The sadness which was peeping out from her sparkling eyes had a story to tell

about, how she once had to spend time at correction home after a police raid, which eventually lead

to decline in mujra mehfils in her room, which actually made her feel sad as the thing which she

loved had stopped now. Her story instantly compels us to introspect ourselves, that on one hand we

see a state protecting women from sexual violence by taking actions, and on the other we could not

stop thinking that a single event had changed her life and had put her wishes behind the curtains.

The sadness in her eyes and the feeling of being distressed had reached us even though there was a

silent conversation of despair and pain between us.  A question that kept haunting us was, whether

it was the fault  of that woman  to be surrounded by complexities of this society and surrender her

wishes just because she is a sex worker and her being so is a crime?

– Ritu Moni Das


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