Monthly Archives: July 2013

I did go to “give” and I am here “receiving” down pours of love :)


Kat Katha and our entire family of didis, children and the volunteers has the power to create MAGIC!!

When I joined Kat Katha I had this stupid sense of ego. Thinking “Oh Yeah! look at me world! I am here leaving behind all my work to help these women at GB Road!”

But in these ten months the everyday welcome with all the kisses and hugs that the children mob us with; the welcoming smiles of the didis on GB Road which almost makes me feel like home; the chai aur baatein with the didis which never end on the apparently “prohibited ” staircases; lunch time-sharing with the children; evening prayer and more than frequent activity time has blossomed the sweet-smelling flowers of love and compassion in me.

My sense of ego and proud that I had earlier just melted away.In a free flow I was taught to serve( sewa) in the most heart-filled manner and expect nothing in return. To work with them rather for them.  Their love just seeped into the wall I had formed around my heart, healing me of all the distress form the past. 🙂

I feel so fortunate and blessed that our didis and children gave me the space to serve them and be a part of their extended family!

I seek blessings from the almighty to give our tiny little family all the nurturing love and support that we need to keep us growing and spreading smiles ans sunshine!

– Sanchi Chandna